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My Story

   Vernon Dew was born in the sunny city of Phoenix, Arizona on January 3rd, 1982.  His mother, Debbie Dew, and father, Alfred Vernon Dew (aka Big Vern), were overjoyed to welcome their chubby baby boy into the world and knew he was meant to entertain the world!  After a few years of living in Phoenix, his parents then decided to move out good 'ol Mesa, Arizona.  One of the neighboring families was nice enough to invite them to their church which is where Vernon was first introduced to the performing arts. He sung in the children's choir, he would perform in the nativity play every year, and would participate in all sorts of other church productions.

   Vernon's father, Big Vern, was involved in a traveling western stunt show group called The Arizona Gunslingers. They went to every city and town in Arizona performing ten minute shows from dramas to comedies, and sometimes a little bit of both. When he was old enough, he got permission from his mother to travel with his dad and watch the shows. The guys enjoyed having Vernon around and would write little bit parts for him; the kid who gets his candy taken by the bad guys, or the kid who gets his allowance taken by the bad guys. By the time he was sixteen, Vernon had traveled throughout Arizona shooting and blowing up bad guys, learning the ways of the Old West, and even got to play a bad guy himself, ultimately getting "blown up" in the prop outhouse.   

   In 1997 Vernon attended Red Mountain High School and performed in his very first professional play, "A Midsummer Night's Dream".  After that, the acting bug officially bit and he performed in four more shows within three years including "The Diary of Anne Frank", and "Rumors". While being involved in plays at school and traveling around the state with The Arizona Gunslingers, he still found the time to act like a normal, crazy teenager with his friends.

   Then in 2001, it was time to say goodbye to Arizona and move out west to beautiful Irvine, California where he attended Concordia University. Vernon performed in eight productions including "The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)", "Cabaret", and "Scapino!".  Vernon graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre in 2004 and immediately moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of acting.

   Since graduating, Vernon has acted in many student projects, a South Korean TV drama, a comedic independent film based on the sport of Cornhole/Bags/Baggo, a few commercials, and recenlty starred in a music video for the song "Lento/Veloce" by the talented Italian singer, Tiziano Ferro. In the last few years Vernon decided to focus on voice acting, and has provided his voice for all kids of projects. He was Zombieman in the popular anime One Punch Man, and Vittel in Magi: The Adventures of Sinbad, and provided a variety of voices for the educational website He voiced various characters for God Eater 3, Fire Emblem: Three Houses (Was the Abysskeeper in Cindered Shadows), and most recently he voiced Pencilmate for the popular Pencilmation Youtube channel. Vernon still lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two absolutely insane, but adorable, children. 



SINCE 1982
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